TotalSolutions has partnered with ASC. ASC is the third largest contact recording and WFO vender globally, with sales offices in the USA, Japan, France, Singapore, Switzerland, UA Emirates and the UK.

ASC provides innovative solutions to record, analyze and evaluate multimedia-based communications. ASC's systems analyze agent performance, reveal customer trends and integrate with existing infrastructure, thus enabling companies and organizations to considerably improve their value.

  • Contact centers enhance customer service, deploy staff more efficiently and increase productivity.
  • Financial institutions fulfill documentation requirements, achieve a higher level of legal security and reduce costs.
  • First responders and public safety organizations enhance reactivity in emergency situations.
  • Air traffic control centers ensure accurate analysis of all incidents.

ASC offers solutions for the fast growing market of workforce optimization, encompassing the technologies of recording, quality monitoring, speech analytics and workforce management. The open architecture provides seamless integration with existing IT and telephony networks. This allows investment protection while implementation costs can be reduced to a minimum.

ASC has been designated by Siemens Enterprise Communications as its preferred supplier for communications recording solutions and was the first vendor to be certified for use with its flagship product, OpenScape Voice. Today, ASC offers sophisticated workforce optimization solutions encompassing speech analytics, quality management, communications recording and eCoaching. They meet the stringent recording standards of PCI DSS and provide the fail-safe operation critical for financial institutions and public safety organizations. And ASC's excellence transcends the features of its solutions. They provide first-class product support, flexibility in meeting the changing needs of their clients and stay focused on the user throughout the implementation and training process.